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Welcome to the State Home Page for Nevada

The official Nevada DMV website is well organized and contains important information for new teen drivers.  See our QuickLinks for access to some of the most relevant information, and click on Read More below.

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Nevada has six metropolitan DMV offices that conduct new driver behind-the-wheel road tests.  Four of these are in the greater Las Vegas area, along with one each in Reno and Carson City.   In addition, there are 16 rural offices which service local residents, and typically on an appointment only basis.  There are also several AAA offices throughout the state which provide limited DMV services such as vehicle registrations.

In comparison to other states, Nevada's behind-the-wheel driving tests are straight forward and currently do not require park and reverse, three point turn, or parallel park tests.  Your driving instructor can confirm if anything has changed.

Select the DMV you are interested in and check out our maps, videos and discussion forums.

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Hack The DMV is designed as a resource for new drivers preparing for their driving test.  Check out the following features ...

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  1. Maps showing all the DMV locations near you (desktop) or search by zip code or lists (mobile).
  2. State and local DMV information.
  3. Practice test drive route maps and dashcam videos.
  4. Discussion Forums to connect with local teens - post questions, share tips, experiences and encouraging shout outs with others.


Hack The DMV was developed to create a unique space where teens can support, inspire, and empower each other in positive ways.  You can help build your local community by

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being active, sharing information and engaging with others.   Become a Local Legend by sharing tips and driving test routes with others.  If you have something to contribute, reach out to us through the Contact Us tab

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