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Find your local DMV and share your experiences, tips and positive shout outs. Everyone can see our content, but registration is required to post in our Discussion Forums.

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Identify your state and post away. We’d love to see you pics of you after you pass your test, and share with other new drivers in your state.

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Share driving test routes and videos with us

(First contributors per DMV gets a Hack the DMV Hoodie)

We need your route information! If you have recently taken a driving test send us your route information information so we can share with other teen drivers in your area. Reach out to us through the Submit Route Maps and Videos in the Contact Us section of this website. We pay for map information that we use with Hack The DMV swag and cash.

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Drop us an email with step by step instructions
(From DMV parking lot, turn left on Maple, right on 1st Street …)


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Go to Google Maps and mark the route. You can add tags to highlight important points on the route or alerts.


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After your test, go back and use a dash cam and video the route. Contact us for information on how to transfer the video.

How can you reach us?

Let us know what you are thinking. Hack The DMV is designed to build communities of teens, parents, driving schools, instructors and other stakeholders at the micro-local level, centered around your local DMV or state licensing authority.

Share your thoughts on how we can make the community stronger.

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General Inquiries General Inquiries
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Submit DMV Route Maps Videos Submit DMV Route Maps Videos
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General Inquiries
Driving Schools /Instructors
Submit DMV Route Maps Videos
If you would prefer that we walk you through the process please provide your contact info and a hacker rep will contact you.
Advertising Partnerships
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