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Where teen drivers connect and share local experiences

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Prepare for your DMV driving test

Hack The DMV is designed as a resource to new drivers preparing for their first behind-the-wheel road test.

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Access actual driving exam practice routes

Navigate to your local DMV to find interactive maps, downloadable course routes and dash cam videos of real DMV road test routes posted by other teens.

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Chat with other teens in your area

Share tips and experiences with other local teens in our discussion forums. Post questions, give shout outs, provide tips and exchange insights with other new drivers in your area.

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Access curated content

Use our QuickLink features to easily access information from you state's website that is important to getting your first driver's license.

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Where teen drivers connect and share local experiences

Welcome to our pilot launch of Hack The DMV!

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We are excited to be launching HDMV.  Our journey begins with a pilot launch in Nevada in November 2021. Following this, we will continue with a progressive roll out across the U.S. throughout 2022.   As we get enough content for each state, we will open them up for you, your friends, and other local teens.

How you can help other new drivers across the U.S.?

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Our platform depends on content provided by teens like you.   

  1. We’d love to hear from you. 

    Reach out to us if you have suggestions or comments on how to improve our website.   Please use the links in the Contact Us tab.

  2. We need your DMV routes.

    Be a local hero. If you have successfully passed your test – congratulations.  Now help others by sending us your route maps.  Drop us a note in the Contact Us / Submit DMV Route Maps & Videos and we will send you information on how to get your route directions to us.  We have cash and HDMV swag available as incentives if we use your information.

  3. Register in our Forums and post away!

    By registering on our site, you can post comments in local DMV Forums.  Share your experiences, post questions to other teens, give shout outs and encouragements, and join a community of other local teens.

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